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I am currently looking for a design opportunity! Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk about design opportunities, innovative projects, or any other design services.  😉

As a UIUX/Product designer, I enjoy contributing to the complete project life cycle from ideation to implementation. Solving problems via digital products has always been my passion, and I love designing interfaces for smartphones, laptops, and wearables. I believe that a good product is a concoction of good design, experiences, and technology.

I followed my passion for design at Kansas State University with a bachelor's in digital media and sculpting. These allowed me to pursue roles related to design, such as graphic designer for a magazine company and product designer for a health and nutrition company.

Despite all this, my heart was longing for more knowledge, so I obtained a master's degree at the University of Utah in Entertainment Arts and Engineering. Over there, I launched two games with my fabulous team members, Deliriant on PlayStation 4 and Megamix on Steam. I also designed several applications for the University of Utah Hospital. I learned how to collaborate with teammates and clients and develop a digital product based on analyzing the user's activities without losing focus on the target audience.

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